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White Rhino Strain Review

White Rhino marijuana strain is a cousin of White Widow. Regardless of its status, it received the second place twice from different Cannabis Cups. White Rhino’s crystals illuminate like a beacon on a dark, gloomy night. You will definitely see it even if the lights are off. Special Features of White Rhino White Rhino is an […]

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White Widow Review – What you Need to Know About the Cannabis Strain

The White Widow strain was first grown in the Netherlands. They joined a Brazilian Sativa landrace and a South Indian Indica together to form a new feminized strain. The strain is popular for its bountiful resins and a well-balanced mix. For this reason, it has received several awards from multiple Cannabis Cups. White Widow is […]

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Marijuana Strains: Blue Cheese Marijuana

What is Blue Cheese Marijuana? Blue cheese marijuana is an indica-dominant strain. It is known to have a pungent smell. But despite that, it actually has a blueberry taste with a hint of strawberry. This marijuana strain is linked to a cross between Blueberry and Cheese, which is the basis of the name of this […]

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