How Long Is Marijuana Detectable In Urine?

how long is marijuana detectable in urine

Some companies require their employees to undergo drug tests and it is usually done by checking the urine. You may have heard others said that you will be able to get away from it by not getting caught as it’s possible to have a negative result. How long is marijuana detectable in urine? This question may […]

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How to Make Cannabis Tincture? – A Step By Step Tutorial

how to make cannabis tincture

Tinctures are concentrated extracts from herbs. Cannabis or marijuana tinctures, in particular, are herbal extracts having some of cannabis’ beneficial properties. Marijuana tinctures are typically made up of alcohol, but glycerin may also be used to skip alcohol’s intoxicating effects (with high-proof alcohol). Edible and Topical Tinctures The two types of tinctures, in terms of […]

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Why Is Marijuana Called Pot: Learning Cannabis Slang

why is marijuana called pot

There are many words you can describe and use to identify marijuana. Some people use different terms instead of directly using the word marijuana.  Do you wonder as to why is marijuana called pot?  Maybe you are wondering about the reason why and if it is right to say pot instead of marijuana.  If that […]

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