Marijuana Grow Room Equipment List

Marijuana Grow Room Equipment List

Feeling perplexed with all the cannabis-related gigs as if you need a Ph.D. in weedology or something?

Maybe you’re excited but also a little bit scared. Or at least this is how I remember my first cannabis cultivation missions.

It sure feels good to have a grow room equipment list handy.

Those who care – share.

So check this quick cheat sheet before you start assembling your equipment.

1 – Consider your Grow Space

Are you going to grow in a tent?

Or maybe you plan to turn an entire room of your house into an indoor marijuana garden?

What I personally did was build my own grow box. Not bragging on that one, though.

Especially when I see the awesome modern stealth cabinets available.

When you are just starting with marijuana growing, it is best to stay humble.

Don’t jump too deep in the ocean of cannabis cultivation because you may end up disappointed and confused.

Just choose the most suitable growing space to fit your needs.

These needs include – how many plants do you want to grow?

How tall will they grow on an average?

Keep in mind that dedicating an entire room to marijuana growing will definitely take lots of drilling in the walls (no other way to install your lights; and hours spent on gluing reflective material.)

A tent or an old wardrobe can work just fine when you are starting on low-budget.

2 – Choose a Growing Medium

So, are you going to grow your marijuana plants hydroponically?

Or you prefer the traditional soil growing?

Coco coir
falls right in between the traditional soil growing and hydro setups.

With both coco coir and hydroponic systems, beginner growers tend to over or underfeed their cannabis beauties very easy.

However, once you get the heck out of the nutrient schedule, it gets effortless to control the growth of your green princesses.

Traditional soil attracts more pests, though.

On another note, organic soil marijuana growing is sure a fantastic choice, which supports the well-being of the ecosystem on Earth.

3 – What Grow Lights to Use

Here’s a very quick and easy-to-digest-and-turn-into-practice list of marijuana grow lights tips.

Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights are easy to find. Plus they are super affordable.

Your yields will end up on about 40% lower than in the case you opt for LEDs and HIDs.

Fluorescents need to be monitored, as well. If not, you need to consider switch control setups.

LED lights

Favorite among pro-marijuana growers, LED lights provide a unique light spectrum.

The UV and IR wavelengths they emit are triggering the production of sticky resin on marijuana buds.

That sticky resin is related to both the potency and the flavor of your crops.

HID Lights

HID lights (HPS and MH), have withstood the test of generations of cannabis cultivators.

Plants love and thrive on the light spectrum, emitted by HIDs.

But these lights do cause the temp in your grow room to raise tremendously which will require more care and attention. + they will make your electricity bill run higher than LEDs.

Some of the most famous cannabisseurs refer to the method of growing with both LEDs and HIDs as the Holy Grail of highest-quality yields.

4 – Provide the Proper Airflow in your Grow Room

It is through the proper air flow that you will make your marijuana plants feel comfortable to flourish.

Good air circulation prevents molds, and cools down the temperature; air circulation is also related to controlling humidity levels.

When you have a reliable source of proper air flow, you simply check your hygrometer and increase or decrease humidity by the air in your grow room.

Have at least 2 oscillating fans available for a start.

If marijuana smell is also an issue for you, consider odor control through installing additional ventilation (exhaust fans and intake fans).

 The Ultimate Grow Room Equipment List

Check out the list of all the essential basics to equip your grow room.

We’ll keep it short and simple.


You will also need reflective surfaceif not growing in a tent or readily available grow cabinet.

Choose the lights which will suit your personal preferences, such as budget and ease of installation. Period.

Containers & Growing Medium

Think twice before choosing the growing medium. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

The size of your containers should always match the needs of your plants.

A full description of the growing demands of each marijuana strain is available by most seed banks.

Odor & Airflow Control

Remember, 2 oscillating fans for at least.

For a start. And a must.

Meanwhile, consider a reliable ventilation for odor control (of course, only if marijuana smell is troublesome for you).

Tents and grow closets come with built-in exhaust and intake fans.

Humidity, Temperature & pH Control

You need a room thermometer, a hygrometer, a pH meter and a ppm meter.

The perfect temperature for marijuana plants is65-80 Fahrenheit.

Best to keep the difference between night and day temp between 10 and up to 20 Fahrenheit.

The ultimate pH level for marijuana growing will depend on whether the growing medium you choose.

It is best to keep humidity high during vegetation (up to 80%). But not more than 65% during flowering.


Suitable nutrients are a must for hydro marijuana growing and coco coir (soilless) growing.

Plants get all the nutrients they need by the amount you feed them with.

The control is entirely in your hands.

With traditional soil growing, you can either go organic by applying organic fertilizers (bat guano, alfalfa, oyster shells, etc.); or you can use additional nutrients to boost growth and flowering.

Hope this grow room equipment list has inspired you and help you escape the fuss. Marijuana growing is an experience of a lifetime and it is worth to keep up the good spirit.

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