How to Grow Weed Indoors

The advantage of taking control of the environment is one of the main reasons why many marijuana growers choose to cultivate cannabis in an indoor garden over outdoor growing. Although it is quite costly during the initial set up and expensive to run, indoor growing is now becoming very popular. A growing environment that is controlled can help avoid giving stress on marijuana plants. Thus, fast-growing plants that produce bigger harvest of potent and high quality buds can be expected. Before venturing into an indoor grow, here are some of the things you need to consider to ensure that weed plants are happy and healthy.

Growing Space

There is less mistakes during growing when you have a carefully planned grow room space. Consider the space you have indoors as you decide for the number of weed plants to grow. In selecting a space, take note of the reasons why you are growing weed – is it for commercial purposes or you are just growing for personal use? Depending on the number of plants, you can grow them in an attic or basement or you may convert an old closet into a marijuana grow closet.

Marijuana Strain Selection

For new marijuana growers and those who are growing indoors with just a limited space, an auto-flowering strain is a good option to start with because it can maintain a short stature and forgiving to some growers’ mistakes. Indicas are also known for their short height, so they are mostly recommended for an indoor growing. However, if space indoors is not an issue, you can also cultivate hybrid or any sativa varieties.


Decide whether you’ll be growing cannabis in soil or in a hydro set-up. In making the decision, consider your space, budget and growing expertise. Hydroponic growing is quite costly and is an advanced method that requires experience and expertise to have it successfully done while soil growing is a cheaper alternative and can easily be accomplished even by beginners in weed growing. Other mediums for growing indoors are perlite, coco coir, clay pellets or pea gravel and rockwool.

Artificial Light Source

In the absence of sunlight, the artificial light sources that can be used in growing cannabis indoors are: high intensity discharge lamps (metal halides and high pressure sodium bulbs), LED lights and compact fluorescent lights. Choose the right type of light that can suit your budget and adequate for the number of marijuana plants you are growing and also the space of the room.


Good air circulation is important for the growth of the plants. Marijuana plants use a lot of carbon dioxide to accelerate their growth. Make sure that your indoor grow room has good ventilation. You may install additional circulating and vent fans to allow proper air exchange and to minimize odor.


Secure your indoor grow room by reducing the noise coming from the fans and pumps. Put foam fittings alongside insulating ducting. Have a good odor control system to prevent leaking out of marijuana smell from the room. Most importantly, keep your growing activity as discreet as possible. Never tell anyone what you are into to avoid getting busted.

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